Post Christmas Daze

!!! Happy holiday greetings !!!

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For a newly self-published author, there's a lot of competition for eye-ball time of readers.
The formula is simple: interest is stimulated by reviews.

I hope providing free access to the title catalog will drive more reviews- priming the pump, so to speak.

So please, enjoy!

A Couple's Hunger is released

A Couple's Hunger is released! Part, the second of the Rabbitry pentalogy.

It was surprising where the story went after reviewing the notes the first time, notes that had been quickly transcribed from the imagination movie in my head. A lot of fun followed putting the meat on the bones, so to speak. The text clocked in with a bit over 9,000 words, 47 pages. Works out to be about double the word count of A Fine Day.

A Couple's Hunger

While working on the short story that was to become A Fine Day, I had a series in mind. There were five stories that wanted to be told, that needed to be told. It was up to me to bang them out.

The second short story in the pentalogy is called, A Couple's Hunger. The editing is done. The text is with the proofreader at present. They are a diligent group. I'm sure a couple turns of the crank will get my grammar in shape. Then it's off to the epub grinder. Posthaste, #2 will be released to you, my precious readers.

Constructionism, not reductionism

In the early morning, I had a brief thought concerning the writing process, at least concerning my process. A lifetime of software development has built up callouses in my brain. But isn’t that fun?

The thought went something like this:

My process flows like a sculptor whose medium is of a soft character. Clay comes to mind. There isn’t an image trapped within a rock awaiting to be set free. Instead, there is aether teasing to become form.

The beginning of the process, after the rough sketches had progressed to fine lines, was to graduate to wire frame. Basic at first, progressing in complexity to hint an allusion of shape. To the form, eventually, the medium of soft character would make its first presence. It would be applied roughly, in large sections, built up in successive layers. The process continues until the point when the hulking shape is largely suggested. Polished when necessary for insight, otherwise, remaining rough. It is in the later actions that the artistry begins to emerge. Taking a gross, heavy object and transforming into a light, living, moving form. Genius inspired is the aspiration: Striving for progress. A path, pushing onward.

So, this had been my morning thought. Perhaps I was a bit groggy. Those that know me can attest to this: my morning condition.