Revisions, revisions, revisions at

We have been busy at with, ah, revisions.

  • All the book title pages now have icon links to the distributor sites where the title is released.
  • Bio page has icon links to my Author page at the distributor site, if they provide Author pages; otherwise, it's a link to their search page.
  • Also by page prettied up.

Here's an example on my newest title, Dipster Hoofus . Scroll to the page bottom to find the distributor sites icons. Clicking on an icon link brings you to the distributor page selling the title.

Here's my Author page at Amazon.

These distributor icons are provided for your purchasing convenience, and to perhaps leave a nice comment concerning the book. Feedback is always welcome!

My PayPal Purchase link page remains the preferred course, naturally. The distributor sites keep over 30% on each sale.


Exception: Apple. If you are Apple inclined, you will have experience with the iTunes store for access. That garden is walled-off from the Internet.