The Word of Jeb is released

The Word of Jeb is released!

This short story ends the tale started with End of the World. It also completes the Rabbitry, a pentalogy.

It has been a lot of fun exploration writing those stories. Each had been inspired from a picture series I had encountered. My daydream backstories to those backgrounds provided the words. The pictures are there in their story. Sometimes maybe not so deeply disguised. Here is a hint, in my crypto-fashion: First is the first. Last is the last. And one spans.

An Easter egg was placed within The Word of Jeb. A seed for my next story. No spoilers!
Perhaps it will be a novella. I'm curious to discover the story the characters will tell. Adventure Ho!

Just now I'm completing the tech work creating the Rabbitry epub, pdf, web-stuff from the five individual works. It'll be released in a few days. The free price sale for all of them will continue until the end of the month. After, some be at their regular price of $0.99 (or whatever your non-$ local currency, or distributor re-pricing!).
A Fine Day and A Couple’s Hunger I think to keep at free pricing, where permitted. Rabbitry, a pentalogy I think to price at $2.99 . There will be an excerpt available as well.


To my readers: thank you all so very much for the reading! Hope you had fun! I enjoy the sharing. Might I ask a small something of you in return: if time permits, a few reviews would be much appreciated. Us newly published writers starve and struggle for reviews. A few will prime the pump.


To those who have been hesitant, let me just say: all the titles aren't so scary. Well, OK, I'll admit it. Most all are a bit odd, for sure. Some could require a plain brown paper wrapper on your ereader (don't let others read over your shoulder!) That ebook jacket did come with a warning label on it.  

But a few of the stories are cute. And safe! Those can be just as fun too.

I can't promise if the next one will be as well. That's my ambiguous intent, at least. We'll just have to wait and see where the characters decide to take it. I'm really excited to find out!