Serialized publication of novel "Two are Happy"

I decided to try something different with the writing workflow of my new novel Two are Happy. The chapters will be released serialized at

After the last chapter is delivered, the title will be pushed to the usual vendors.

This will be a change- an experiment, if you will. Each chapter will be developed directly to publishing quality. Future chapters are outlined; they will be shaped up as the work progresses.

My proofreader has bravely agreed to participate.
With my prior titles, the entire edited work was delivered to them in one go. We would work through each chapter, one at a time. Those invisible problems of missing question marks or misplaced words were heroically discovered. During this iterative process, the ePub would be built up.
Instead of a big bang drop, the title becomes a series of crackles. Rice Krispies?
So from their perspective, this experiment does not introduce much change.

The first chapter is up, Greetings Begin from Afar.

Chapter II, A Serpentine Way, prose is in copy editing stage- won't be long now...

Three more chapters have been written. Their substantive editing has yet to be started.
In the beyond, lots of notes await attention. This title percolated during the writing of the Rabbitry story, The Word of Jeb. What started as backstory to Bettina's telling kept going, pushing out to a tale that wanted to be told. Rapid note taking tried to keep up with the movie of imagination as it played on.

Let's see where this takes us.

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Or, if you are interested in doing a review at a vendor's site once this work is completed, please let me know via the Contact page, perhaps a complementary copy can be arranged.