Two are Happy is released

The new novel, Two are Happy, is released.

This title percolated during the writing of the Rabbitry story, The Word of Jeb. What started as backstory to Bettina's telling kept going, pushing out to a tale that wanted to be told. Rapid note taking tried to keep up with the movie of imagination as it played on.

Let's see where this took us.

Three women are so close as to be complete strangers. Four others are strange, but couldn’t be closer for it. A man threads a course of inbetweens.

Two are Happy (Les deux Heureux), a novel, placed in the French Alps in a time when free-thinking is enjoyed as an acceptable alternative. The backdrop of mountains casts a comic shadow the characters dance into in this light romantic story of intrigue.


The weight of a burden is more than a sum of its parts. Séverine


If you are interested in doing a review at a vendor's site on this book, or another of my titles, please let me know via the Contact page. Perhaps a complementary copy can be arranged.