A Couple's Hunger

While working on the short story that was to become A Fine Day, I had a series in mind. There were five stories that wanted to be told, that needed to be told. It was up to me to bang them out.

The second short story in the pentalogy is called, A Couple's Hunger. The editing is done. The text is with the proofreader at present. They are a diligent group. I'm sure a couple turns of the crank will get my grammar in shape. Then it's off to the epub grinder. Posthaste, #2 will be released to you, my precious readers.

A Couple's Hunger, a short story. Part, the second, in a pentalogy.

Benevolent benefactors of street urchins can run the gamut of motivations. For some, it is an end in itself. For others, it is the end, beautiful though it may seem.

High mountains keep their stories secret. Those not adept are warned to beware where they tread. From the exploration A Fine Day introduced, A Couple’s Hunger carries on.


The book cover.

A variation of the lovely red balloon gracing A Fine Day's cover. The remaining three stories will also carry this dark cover.

Each of these five stories will carry the price of all of my individual short stories, free!

The pentalogy will be rolled up as a collection title, the naming of which, like the balloon color has yet to be determined.