Drift, a novel.

A little boy's accident appears to bring people together in help, passion, and destruction. The soon following orchestrated tragedy blurs the nature of reality, resulting in decisions with unexpected consequences, in the Panpsychism world of the novel, Drift.

The tale poses the nature of perception question. When one achieves mastery of perception, does it follow they become the master of one's self? The answer that follows is attended by another question. Can the daily events in one's life sum the essence of that life?


It was observed, if you had all that you wanted, where would you keep it? Perhaps the answer is simply this, in common context, the definition of where suffers from its narrowness. I mean to tell you that given time, space is an irrelevant constraint. From preconceptions come limited possibilities before revelations are given a chance of being realized. Such is the agreed world, our condition. It is in the nature of the misunderstanding of perception that permits time's autocratic rule.


Drift, chapters

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