Menthe, a novel.

Menthe is a French word pronounced “Mont”. It is a lovely aromatic herb complementing hot and cold beverages, and many foodstuffs. It enjoys a mysticism concerning its base oil and properties. This is a hardy plant which seeks to spread itself among us, in our gardens and beyond.

Concerning this novel, Menthe is a journey of directed encounters flowing in the moment of connection. Vignettes of detail unfold when opportunity presents itself. Rising to claim courage of awareness defines a traveler of life encounters. Menthe surrounds us, asking only of one to embrace a simple want: Claim yourself. Seek out others who follow a similar path of unburdened cultural distraction. Rally in the shared glow.

Topics of polyamory and philosophic discussions are explored in the practical. Personal ethics are thrown contrasted briefly against the morality dogma bleeding from cultural posturing.

Please be on notice. This book contains passages of deeply explicit, open encounters. Encounters known on occasion to blister the thin skin of the stubbornly prudish. Sensual detail is communicated in sexuality, at length and at leisure. Words here are not suitable to the religious encumbered, unless such folk are not so burdened.

Minors in thought, regardless of your age, the text contained within is not appropriate for you.


Menthe, chapters

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