Menthe — Chapter 02. Home at the Heart

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Chapter II
Home at the Heart


The dogs were waiting on the deck when we arrived. Four large dogs surrounded us, giving Rikke the smell over. She hadn’t seen them in the dark until they were upon her, noses at work.

“Hey guys, easy now.” I turned to Rikke, “Guess I should have warned you. Not a worry. You’re with me so they’ll behave like sweet teddy bears.”

More dog noses circled around.

“Learning your smell, that’s how they accept new people.”

One was getting too fresh, “Hey, stop that Arnie,” who had his nose buried in her crotch. “That’s my job.”

She stepped back and Arnie stepped forward.

“Just give him a push with your knee. He’s excited is all, forgotten the boundaries.”

“Was that advice against the dog or you?”


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