Menthe — Chapter 05. Conversation in a Redwood Grove

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Chapter V
Conversation in a Redwood Grove


Rikke had made the arrangements, as was her predilection, organizing those around her. It is best to relax with the inevitable. That she is easy to flow with, made this not an unpleasant experience.


Here’s the set up.

Rikke was busy with her host family the next days and expressed sympathy for the possibility of me being alone. Maybe the worry was a concern being separated from the Danish magick the enrapturing spell might diminish—perhaps I would get distracted and forget them?

Lærke volunteered as available to stand watch, so to speak. I was to pick her up for a bike ride tomorrow morning after her host family left for their trip. She was driving them to the airport for an early flight and would be back mid-morning.

The plan was scheduled. All parties were in agreement. Rikke was happy.


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