Menthe — Chapter 06. Arrange Like With Like

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Chapter VI
Arrange Like With Like


Lærke flowed with me like a shadow, anticipating the movements of the bike, gripping when needed, releasing when she didn’t. Her arms remained either around my waist or hands at hips, joining us as one. Fingers exploring the outline of leathers kept in mind our day in the valley.

I thought: Worked in a nice tan, continued a good start at a base today. Julie would have approved how we spent our day, natural, in glorious nudity. How could this lovely place be celebrated otherwise?


We rolled up to the house and into the garage. Linda was already there. I touched the car hood; it was still hot. Lærke pulled off her helmet. Her blond hair spilled large across the dark leathers. Smiling at my stare, she came around the bike and pressed her whole body in kiss.

“Linda’s here. Come. I want you to meet her.”


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