Menthe — Chapter 07. Cup Event

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Chapter VII
Cup Event


Tonight would be a night off, per the schedule. Me time, alone on the hill with the four legged critters. I hung around the barn after feeding the horses. A cold bag of beer had been toted along. My favorite rock boulder seat was near the barn, in the pasture. The horses were munching down. There were just the two at this time. Their sounds echoed out the open stalls.

Over the winters, Julie, the horsie buddy primary, kept her three horses here. She lives way up there on the hill, year round with her high mountain family. It is quite the story how the arrangement came to be, the Julie hook-up. Zoey and I had met her at an Endurance Ride event years ago. This was shortly after Cathy had moved away from us. She had been our primary and my number one regular horse riding buddy.


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