Menthe — Chapter 12. Lærke and Benny

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Chapter XII
Lærke and Benny


My phone was flashing, its demands required satisfaction. Picking it up off the kitchen counter, I swiped it alive. There were a couple texts.

Jules and Paul were rummaging in the fridge. Tabby sat heavily on the bar stool, leaning into me. My free arm found her. We squeezed each other in sidelong hug.

“Text from Lærke. She’s enjoying the day down in flatland. Wishes to be outside. Lunch of Americanized sushi that was ‘curious.’”

Jules pulled her head out of the fridge. “How old is this potato salad?”

“Fresh, from yesterday.”

Paul had meat and cheese out and had already begun slicing the bread rolls.

“OK, this other one says they all keep a short Friday. She’ll be headed back up in the early afternoon. ‘Benny was curious from hearing her gush on about the property. Would it be OK if he came up as well?’”

I joked, “’Gush on.’ ‘Came.’ Is that code?”

A yawn from Tabby and a stare from Jules.

“Well, it is already early afternoon so the answer would be foregone. I’ll text her back anyway, just after I read what Linda had to say.”

Paul asked, after slicing the rolls, “One each is good?”

Tabby said sleepily, “I just want a half.”

Jules, “I’ll share with you. I only want a half as well. Backwards not to ask before doing the slicing, Paul.”

“That’s me, isn’t it?”

“Sometimes, dear. Sometimes. You have a foot in both planes—”


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