Rabbitry, a pentalogy. Five fine short stories, upon two themes. The first three follow adventure deep in high Alpine mystique. The latter two stories trace relationships spanning life and tragic death.

The stories had been provoked from a picture series the author had encountered. Daydream backstories inspired from those backgrounds provided the words. Each picture makes a cameo appearance in their respective story.


A Fine Day, a short story. Part, the first, in a pentalogy.

Standing before a precipice of her own making, the cost of a life hiding behind beauty is required to be paid in full. Could it be that the currency one acquires will not suffice on such a fine day? Would the bill collector relent, if sufficient favors are traded, to accept soiled foreign notes?

A glacier hewed mountain bears witness to the cold passage of time’s resolution where some live the lifespan of a Mayfly. Others, far older, have known the rise and fall of such as these.


A Couple's Hunger, a short story. Part, the second, in a pentalogy.

Benevolent benefactors of street urchins can run the gamut of motivations. For some, it is an end in itself. For others, it is the end, beautiful though it may seem.

High mountains keep their stories secret. Those not adept are warned to beware where they tread. From the exploration A Fine Day introduced, A Couple’s Hunger carries on.


Dipster Hoofus, a short story. Part, the third, in a pentalogy.

End of the line comes into view. Two women’s unremitting trust finds reward in a familiar Alpine world. A world where one’s goal long prepared is brought to fruition assisted by the other’s destruction. For some, time slips away, recycled into the future’s iteration.

From the exploration A Fine Day introduced and A Couple’s Hunger carried on, Dipster Hoofus brings us back in an exploration of past better forgotten.


End of the World, a short story. Part, the fourth, in a pentalogy.

Grief from a death is visited upon the surviving members of a polyamorous family. The departing partner’s wish: scatter her ashes upon the waters at a cape they had frequented.
Honoring the promise given required traveling by a road less frequented. Will the imbalance of the broken relationship be overcome, sealing their resolve?
Or, do tragic consequences await the survivors before the End of the World?

Let those who pass close know of what we share,
and of the possibilities of life.


The Word of Jeb, a short story. Part, the fifth, the finale in Rabbitry, a pentalogy.

From reconciling the senselessness of fate, can comfort be found in one's life?
Would understanding the intricacies of a tragedy bring solace?

The remaining member of a family relives the guilt of survival in this continuing story begun in End of the World.

Live this life. Build from what is known, bitter ashes and all  Jillian


Rabbitry, chapters

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