Two are Happy — Chapter 04. Extending a Hand

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Chapter IV
Extending a Hand


A butterfly lighted upon the chair back. Its wings were brought together before being stretched out into a full display. The movement was repeated several times before stillness came to the insect. Though the colors upon the wings were memorable, it was the pattern that was fascinating. Color, by careful design. This could manifest as movement where interaction becomes animation. The flow contained within the wings told an entire story in the briefest of an instant. Nature, the unacknowledged master. It is our frail perceptions that obscure truth. If we could but develop the eye to perceive what uncounted millennia of perfection awaited to delight? Contemplating the butterfly: a stillness, a progression. Tales were there awaiting a participant.

Such was the flight of Thierry’s aery thoughts, bubbling alone in the hot tub.


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