Two are Happy — Chapter 10. Cappuccino Breakfast

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Chapter X
Cappuccino Breakfast


A table in the sun was chosen, one among many free. All afforded the same wonderful panoramic view of the morning light greeting the vista. Thierry sat without looking around. A waitress had been watching. As he settled into a chair, she was promptly over to attend.

“Good morning, Thierry. I trust you had a nice sleep?”

“Hi. Good morning to you, Eve. Had a sound sleep through the night. The morning finds me feeling wonderfully refreshed.”

“I am glad to hear that. May I bring you a cappuccino?”

“That would be splendid. Most appreciated.”

“I’ll see right to it. Back in a jiff.” She turned promptly and went back in through the open glass doors.

He watched her depart, enjoying the performance art of her big hair.


There was a sigh from Chef as the fried eggs were stirred into the sauteed potatoes. She had left them extra runny, remembering. The two women exchanged glances—open knowledge passed between them. Thierry was known in the kitchen. The breakfast croissant sandwich take-away request had brought notoriety. This morning the sandwich had made it on the write-in board among the daily specials. Chef gave Eve a wink when the plate was put upon the serving counter. An air kiss was given in return.


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