Two are Happy — Chapter 15. Home is Where the Heart Is

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Chapter XV
Home is Where the Heart Is


Approaching the front door, memory played back to remember where the keys last were. The Paris flat keys were found on the car ring. Earlier, he had thought to swap them with the house keys, but had forgotten.

He put the bags down and began to search through them, starting at the outer pockets, because that’s where one puts things for later convenient discovery. But this was not one of those times. They proved empty of anything useful. He still had the backpack on. That was taken off and searched as well.

No joy. The key-under-the-mat trick didn’t work either. That key had been used some time before. It had since gone walkabout. A new key had been intended to be made, but never was.

He dug into his pants pocket to recheck if the key had actually been put on the car ring but forgotten. It was silly to recheck, as he had already done that several times. The jumble of keys fumbled coming out of his pocket, and fell to the stoop. Two sets of keys hit the ground. Car plus flat keys. The others were the house keys.

“Oh jeez. I had them in my pocket the whole time?”


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