Two are Happy — Chapter 16. Ten Years After

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Chapter XVI
Ten Years After


They stepped into the shadow of trees. The cold humidity flowed out of the depths like a river. It was a welcome relief after the heat of the cloudless summer day. Laughter had kept the exertion going. A child’s laughter pushes at an instinctual button within parents. A feeling of joy mixed with relief is the result. Chemically, it is all endorphins, but to the recipient, it is magick.

“Come on, Daddy. Tell me!”

“You know the stories. They have been told so often you must know them by heart. Maybe you should tell us?”

“I know I do. But I like hearing you tell it.”

“Yeah, Daddy. Come on. Tell your daughter,” said the woman with a big grin across her face.

He stopped walking to pull a handkerchief out of the pack and began to mop at his face. His action was intentionally slow. This moment was precious. It required to be drawn out to preserve the impression deeply in memory.

“Mom! Daddy is stalling again.”


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